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Develop a plan of action to make the most of your digital resources

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Get beyond the hashtags. Grow and engage your audience with messages that matter while staying social

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It’s one thing to collect data;

it’s another to know what it means.

Make decisions based on evidence


About me

Hi! I’m Andrea.

I set up The Cut Outs to help you cut through all the digital/ marketing/ social BS, and get your message to the people you want.


The three most important things to me are People, Authenticity and Creativity.


I choose to work with charities on campaigns I believe in, as I enjoy seeing the impact of my work.

Andrea Edwards
What does Digital Marketing
mean for you?

Getting the most from your website and social media

without breaking the budget.

"We lacked the expertise in marketing and social media skills in-house so Andrea's strategic approach meant we were able to reach the people we wanted in a cost effective way." 

Brighton | London 


Tel: 07462 247136

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